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What is VIDIIA Hunter?

Software platform + testing devices + testing assays


A fast, accurate, secure and easy to use testing solution to help you ensure people on your sites

and at point of care, are disease free. Providing

Risk free operation

Operational continuity

Reducing costs as well as fulfilling duty of care and Health and Safety requirements

Combining compact portable testing devices with a new breed of AI powered software

Developed specifically for accurate testing, anywhere – fast and at low cost




A simple, ultra secure, five step testing process

From on boarding to results in 20 minutes

99.1% sensitivity - 99.6% specificity

No complex training or laboratory is needed

Multiples of six tests can be processed simultaneously

Easily deployed in the field and at low cost




Testing Devices


Compact, portable, modular, scalable and easy to use.

6 tests at a time.

Small, easy to deploy devices provide a practical, accurate and secure solution for testing in the field.



Simple 5 step process

On board the client via the app.

Take client swab.

Place samples in test tubes.

Place test tubes in VH6 device.

Initiate test.

Results sent via e-mail in 20 minutes

Six tests can be run simultaneously in a single device.

Smart, fast, easy to deploy...

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Why is VIDIIA Hunter different

VIDIIA Hunter technology platform and app

It's low cost, fast and accurate 

VIDIIA's unique solution takes away the need for costly laboratory testing.

Remote, cloud based diagnostics software is accessed through the testing devices and a bespoke app.

Embedded AI machine learning constantly refines the diagnostics giving even more accuracy and speed.

The app provides end to end secure onboarding, results delivery and data monitoring.

What this means?

Multiple disease diagnostics – anywhere with internet access

Decentralised point of care testing becomes:

Affordable, secure and accurate – when and where you need it Events, leisure and tourism sites, film sets, travel, TV, film and media, construction sites, remote locations, community locations.

Any locations and situations needing accurate virus testing-fast

Adaptable across a range of diseases using different devices and assays Modular and scalable from 6 simultaneous tests upwards using VH Devices

No complex training or laboratory is needed

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Field based virus testing

Fast, accurate, secure, low cost

Easy to deploy simultaneous six test device, powered by VIDIIA Hunter technology


COVID-19 LAMP testing in the field

Fast, accurate, secure, low cost

Developed to enable safety, confidence and pandemic control