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ePower your diagnostics with AI


A platform to log, analyse, manage and report your lateral flow testing

Empower your team with an online tool to review Lateral Flow Tests

Reduced operational costs and time by speeding the reporting of your testing

Avoid overwhelming emails and improve your response time

Ultimately automate your system by using a tailored trained AI for your LFT


 A platform for an efficient Lateral Flow Test reporting powered by  AI which will assist the testing operator with the interpretation of the test results thereby increasing confidence in LFD testing, reducing user error and increasing overall accuracy.





API flexible and simple to integrate and power apps, web sites and even devices with Artificial Intelligence. 

Ready to use Web Aplication  that hadles the onboarding of users and their test results. Automatic validation of test IDs and test images.

Online back-end assited by Artificial Intelligence for an agile revision of images of Lateral Flow Tests and their  results

Report of all data collected is structured so is ready for submission to Public Health of England

Secured  and scalable storage that manage all images collected along with their test ID, reference and results. 

Per test pricing simple pricing structure that only charge you for what you use, no hidden fees

Featured partner

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Match Fit Pass  powered by VIDIIA'a Artificial Intelligence gets you access into events and venues safely and seamlessly. Manage all your tickets, identity, and public health compliance of LAteral Flow tests within a secure pass on your mobile.